'When she sings the angels stop flapping their wings.' 
Matt Byrne The Advertiser SA 
'Angela Toohey is a major talent' 
Frank Gauntlett SYD Telegraph Mirror
Award winning artist Angela Toohey has had a successful career in both live and musical theatre. Angela has notably featured in The Boy From Oz, Mamma Mia, The Witches of Eastwick, Cabaret, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, Educating Rita, and Jesus Christ Superstar.
Starring opposite Hugh Jackman, Todd McKenney, Paul McDermott and with Chrissie Amphlette, Marina Prior, and Geraldine Turner.                                                                                                                       
Ever evolving, Angela has taken time to train as a woodworker, designer (Sturt School for Wood Grad 2004) and has in recent years delved deeply into her songwriting.                                                                                                                                              
Her music has a wide appeal, and could be described as contemporary Australian folk music. As an artist, Angela has a unique singing and song writing style. Her guitar work and singing abilities reflect a genuine richness and depth of her character and consciousness.          
'Angela Toohey has a voice to die for' -Steven Thurlow Syd Star Observer                                                                                                                                                                                                
2012 Open Mic Host West End Brisbane (Weekly event) performances, Brisbane Gold Coast
2011 co-writing songs with WASUNTARA various live performances of original music  
2009 Diagnosed with chronic mercury/toxic poisoning from dental procedures 
2009 Walked 620 kms across Spain, all visited great friends in NYC and London
2009 Started company QUIRKY WORKY  
2008 Song writing 
2007 Designed kundalini beanie tm
2006-2009 undiagnosed health problem                                                                                       
2006 Liza Minnelli THE BOY FROM OZ - HUGH JACKMAN Kenny Ortaga 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5dzraTg6LE (Angela as Liza)
2005 Designed The Carpoochie. TM 
2005 Naomi ROSIE Flairessence Productions Frank Hetherley
2004 Designed The Chi Wah Chair 
2004 STURT SCHOOL FOR WOOD~ 1 year fulltime course in fine furniture construction and design 
2003 Tanya MAMMA MIA Little Star Productions Resident - Garry Young 
2002 Alexandra THE WITCHES OF EASTWICK Cameron Macintosh & Jacobsen Entertainment 
James Powell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmamwCf0DTM&list=PL6CB4D10C9AE0DA02&feature=mh_lolz
2000 SOUTH PACIFIC movie (Peg O'hare from Delaware)  
1999 Liza Minnelli THE BOY FROM OZ ~ Boy From Oz Productions Gale Edwards 
1998 Liza Minnelli in THE BOY FROM OZ                                                                                         
1998 Liza Minnelli in The Boy From Oz workshop
1997 Sally Bowles CABARET Gordon Frost Organisation Richard Wherrett
1997 Rita EDUCATING RITA Ensemble Denise Roberts 
1996 K.T./Ensemble MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG Sydney Theatre Company Wayne Harrison 
1994 Little Voice THE RISE AND FALL OF LITTLE VOICE Sydney Theatre Company Wayne Harrison 
1992 Performer & Dance Captain JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR 'THE CONCERT' 
Harry M Miller Richard Wherrett
1988-1992 Lead singer of Sydney bands Big Big Beings/Upturn Jump/Absolutely Angela
Huch Jackman The Boy From Oz - Liza Minnelli - BFO Productions Dir: Kenny Ortaga

Theatre...A big ol' list from the beginning to present day

Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy - Various - La Boite Theatre 
A Daring Romance - Various - La Boite Theatre 
La Bamba - Cabaret Perf. - La Boite Theatre 
The Peace Show - Various - La Boite Theatre 
Ricket Rolling Road Show - Theatre Troupe Member...Community Access Theatre Troupe 
Blind Circumstance - Bobby - (a 16 yr old 1/2 Vietnamese, 1/2 Australian boy)....Griffin Theatre Company 
Pussies - Delores - Griffin Theatre Company 
Away - Meg - Griffin Theatre Company...original production 
Sleepin Beauty - Sleeping Beauty - Tony Preece Prods 
The Applicant - Various - Olivia Brown Prods 
In The Pink - Various - Olivia Brown Prods 
When They Send Me Three And Fourpence - Q.Theatre 
Baby - Lizzie - Q. Theatre 
Faces In The Street - Various - Everest Theatre - Wayne Harrison 
The Sentimental Bloke - Rose - Parramatta Theatre 
Hating Alison Ashley - Erika - Toe Truck Theatre 
Hence Forward - Geian - Northside Theatre Company 
Jesus Christ Superstar - Performer - Australian Tour - Harry M Miller 
The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice - Little Voice - Sydney Theatre Company - Dir:wayne Harrison 
The Marie Curie Chat Show - Marie Curie - Salamanca Theatre Company 
Always (workshop) - Lady Thelma Furness - Vic Arts Centre Trust 
Oscars Turn To Sing - Angela - Playhouse Theatre - Sydney Opera House 
The Swan - Dora - Zootango Theatre Company 
Chair In The Landscape - Prue - Q. Theatre Company 
Miracle City - Sharlene - Sydney Theatre Company - Dir: Gale Edwards 
Merrily We Roll Along - K.T./ensemble - Sydney Theatre Company Dir: Wayne Harrison 
The Voyage Of Mary Bryant - Mary Briant - Nick Enwright 
The Boy From Oz (workshop) - Liza Minnelli/Various - Dir: Gale Edwards 
Educating Rita - Rita - Ensemble Theatre 
Chair In The Landscape - Prue - Studio Theatre 
Cabaret - Sally Bowles - Gordon Frost Productions - Dir: Richard Wherrett 
My Vicious Angel - Workshop - Playworks 
The Boy From Oz - Liza Minelli - BFO Productions Dir: Gale Edwards 
What The world Needs Now - workshop - Alison - Newco Ent P/L 
The Witches Of Eastwick - Alexandra - Jacobsen Entertainment & Cameron Macintosh 
Mamma Mia - Tanya - Little Star / Dainty Consolidated 
Rosie The Musical - Naomi - Flairessence Productions 
Huch Jackman The Boy From Oz - Liza Minnelli - BFO Productions Dir: Kenny Ortaga
Music Player


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5. big dipper | 6. finished |  7.skin | 8. deep water
9. no ordinary girl | 10. don’t love me | 11 .ricochet
12. no prophet | 13. steer | 14. take the girl & pink heart
CD artwork and photos by
 Jodie Whittaker http://beezneezphotography.com.au/

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